From Sherry's Place


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Tha pichur's Me 
Wal howdy thare Mr. Bob,
I shore does enjoy yer idget pages
 whan I gets tha time ta look em over.
  Seems that dad blasted sheriff haint a`ner gonna pull in hisins  horns an stop tryin ta get me er tha bounty.
  They say he`s semi retared now, but wud ya baleeve
he's a`got tha adisity ta hav a dertective a`watchin fer me now?
  Lord almighty tha feller is one-determaned ole coot, or is that cuss?
   Why, ahs now herd, he's got sumthang they calls a cyber tracker on me...
   Ya know Mr. Bob, it`s jus pittiful some ole dogs don't ner
give up a`diggin ole bones!
   I shore wished a many a time heed a`found him a Texas filly
long life's pathways, an got offen ma tail .... never cud figure his fixeration with jails no-how.
  Ya know Mr. Bob, ma trips er a`gettin further apart
these days an ma bones is a`callin fer rest.
  Still ahm mighty grateful tho ta still be a`visitin
 Miss Cassie these hare last summers a ma life.
  Oh yea, Miss Cassie says ta tell ya, she send her howdy`s, 
an she shore is a`enjoyin ur pages a sends.
   Says they puts stardust in her weeks an tha ole fisherman tha tells them thare tall stories has nearly sent her a`packin ta Caddo lake a time er two.
   Why, she even blushed whan she tole me shore was lucky fer him tha he had Miss Johnnie er she maght a hadda set her cap fer him in tha early years.
   Why, she done read his squirrel catchin story yasterday
an "YEP!  Ya Guessed It!  She's got some o that ole stew
a`bubbling an she`s a`callin fer this ole gal ta tha vittle tastin.
  Wal, Mr. Bob.. shore has been fun poppin in ter see ya, but ah gots ta go ... ya know tha Miss Cassie has always been  a maghty fine Texas cook!
   Ya take care now an give ma regards ta Mister Bill!
Ya know, tha one thas created this hare magic merchine.
Toodle- Ooooh, Miss Sadie
(c) SK 2004
Ps. Iffen ya er gets up tha Ole Arkansas Trail Way
be shore ta pop in fer some frosted tea er fer tha
coffee thas always a`brewin....
Luvin Ya, Miss Sadie
Ma Pichur Frum:  Stationery Heaven
Tune: Waltzin'  'cross Texas