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Kathleene S. Baker



I’m a well-worn, retired teddy bear,
Now resting in a drawer.
The girl who always loved me most,
Isn’t with me anymore.

She’s gone away to Rainbow Bridge,
After so, so many years.
But often times in my dreams,
That sweet Josey still appears.

One day while in the toy box, I heard,
 “A new pup’s on the way!”
Out I climbed, so much to do,
To look my best that today.

I rubbed my eyes, fluffed my hair,
And struck my finest pose.
I prayed she’d take a shine to me,
So I crossed my fingers and my toes.

 Later when that tiny pup arrived,
I was waiting on the floor.
I could replace her littermates,
And even do much, much more.

At night we snuggled very close,
As I kept her safe and warm.
She slept so peacefully next to me,
Even when it stormed.

She did play naughty with many toys,
But I was set aside.
For I was something special,
Which filled me with much pride.

I didn’t have a fancy name,
But ‘Big Teddy’ seemed okay.
The only thing I cared about,
Was Josey’s loving gaze.

 Every day she carried me,
And paraded through the house.
She held me oh - so gently,
With my left leg in her mouth.

After meals, when quite content,
Away we two would prance.
And our routine had a name,
“The Happy Tummy Dance!”

I wasn’t chewed, torn, or ripped apart,
To sweet Josey I was real.
And I was not a toy at all,
For I had a heart and I could feel.

After all our years together,
The only wear that really showed.
Was from all the gentle love bites,
My Josey had bestowed.

I do come out from time to time,
For hugs and an embrace.
Josey’s mom still misses her,
 I can see it in her face.

While she hugs me tightly,
She always takes one deep smell.
She hopes there’s still a scent of Josey,
I know it - I can tell.

Just above the drawer I’m in,
A beautiful box sits on display.
Inside are Josey’s ashes,
So she doesn’t seem too far away.

We were always the best of friends,
And always side-by-side.
And the day I lost my Josey,
 This Big Teddy really cried. 


Kathleene S. Baker







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