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I Knows This Feller....
I know this hare ole feller down in Texas
claims he can go a`fishin ner onta ever day,
Says he`s near`in
on ta tha golden yares,
but we all knows how those fishin rascals
on word stories`s likes ta play....
He`s got this sweet lil filly
an her name be Ole Missus Nellie Sue,
Now Miss Nellie can spins those
exasperatin spiels bout the big ones
a`gettin away
jus like her dreaming sidekick
of 40 years can do....
Twixt an tween their many fish fabrications
her hubby tells of long past dancin days,
He said she was quite a snazy fixin
with her two steppin,twirlin,an a`dippin ways.
Now their days fer tha river banks
exhilaratin an sun warming embracements
has a`diminished down to just a day er two
but iffen ya`ll get down near that ole caddo lake
stop in fer a hot cup o coffee
but shhhhhh remember,
them southern folks calls tha black stuff
nothin but a cup of story stirring brew.
an tell em tha ole poet yank frum the Arkansas Riceland`s
sent you, a`causin she dint hav nutin bettern ta do,
an tha`s what ornery country folks on summers boring days do.
Author: Sherry Kersey
Graphic: Animation Factory