From Sherry's Place

I`ll Get The Fire Burning
Oh Yea, I`ll get that old fire burning
and when the coals are glowing embers,
You`ll recall the memory of my lovely sister,
and the tire change, plus the fat, the fishin for cat,
Oh Yes, the heart joy you gave me. you`ll remember.
Those old blue jeans will have long smoldered
and sweet, my darlin, wont be where it`s at,
Your socks will be some old hogs beddin
with your stagnant 3 day old tea, and you`ll then
 be contemplating why,I aint a`never comin back.
Why,I`ll even call you in the evenings
to see if you`ve found a way to fix your own vittles,
I`ll laugh when you say, I`m so sorry darling
still saying it`s not nice to fight, while I`m in a fit of giggles.
When you say: oh Baby Girl,
when ya gonna cool off, and come on home to me,
I`ll be sure to remind you, I found a man to replace a boy
so mister, go get my sister, and when we have the next reunion
bring along the vittles and the tea pot,and serve the queen,
Why ,I`ll even let ya meet your new replacement,
"The Prince Charming of All My Dreams.

 By: Sherry Kersey



Background: Animation Factory
Music: Tom Pall Glaser
Tune: Put another log on the fire