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Letter from Little Fox to Yo Yo

Hi Yo Yo, my name is Fox Moore. I took up residence at the Moore household about six years ago. My former humans dumped me out beside the road and drove off. I didnít much like them anyway. They had two kids that were not very well trained at all, and they never kept my water bowl clean and filled with fresh water each day. In fact they would sometimes let it go dry completely. When I would tell them about it, they were so thick headed they didnít know what I was saying.

But let me tell you why I was there. I and my six brothers and sisters had been taken to the dog pound in Ft. Worth when we were six weeks old. Well after three days there you know what they do so when this family came in on the third day I jumped at the chance to get out.

They lived in Mansfield. This is about 12 miles from Ft. Worth. When I went home with them, I saw right away we were not going to be compatible. The grown ups let the kids lug me around and only feed me left overs from their plates at supper. UGG, have you ever had to eat asparagus or green beans? They thought I was suppose to eat what ever they didnít like. Did they ever think that I might not like it either? Noooo, that never crossed their mind.

Any way when they were in Arlington one day they just opened the car door and shoved me out and drove off. WELL, here I was in a strange town and didnít know anyone. I started down this side street and before long I came to a house with a couple of dogs in the back yard. There was a big bowl of honest to goodness dog food in that back yard. I asked the alpha dog (his name was Sam) if I could have some of that dog food. Sure he said if you can get in our yard and we have a big pan of fresh water your welcome to.

I dug a hole under the fence and crawled in and ate my fill and had a big drink of water. I thanked Sam and laid down in the shade and went to sleep. When I woke up I asked Sam how he had found these human to adopt for his family. He told me their name was Burton and he had adopted them several years ago. I asked him if I could stay and be a part of his family. He told me no, he already had his sister living with him and he didnít want to push his luck.

Sam told me about this family that lived across the street that had just lost their dog. You can stay here until we see if you might want to adopt them. Well it wasnít but a few days before the woman, her name was Johnnie came to visit the Burtons. She was an older lady with gray hair and I knew she wouldnít have kids in her household. Sam had told me how good she had treated her dog, Racie, so I thought I might as well try these people.

When Johnnie and the Burtons came out in the back yard they sat down in some lawn chairs. Just as soon as Johnnie sat down I ran over and jumped up in her lap and lay down. Well that did it! She couldnít put me down. She sat there petting me and saying what a good dog. I knew I had her hooked. She took me back across the street and told her husband she had got him a birthday present. What could he say? I donít want my birthday present. I donít think so.

Anyway thatís how I got my new home. I adopted Loren and Johnnie as my humans and we have been happy ever since. I even sleep on the bed with Johnnie and Iíve got Loren trained to let me out anytime I want to go outside. Of course I live in the house where it is air-conditioned.

Why donít you write me and tell me about your humans.

Yours truly

Fox Moore (Known at home as "Little Fox ")

P.S. Wish I had a Picture so you could see how good my humans take care of me, I really love Loren and Johnny and will stay with them until I cross over the Rainbow Bridge :-)

Loren Moore







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