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Ooooh Ooooh....
Ooooh Oooh, you caint catch me
I`m a`hiding out yonder hind a persimmon tree.
Watching for the stalking hunters with their trusty turkey catching guns to begin woods roam for dreams of Thanksgivings dinner fun.
Now, I've the hearing of the jungle cat
and the eyes of a silver eagle,
So boys....get prepared for using a bit of wit
cause, I aint a bit scared of your beagles!
Fluffing, gobbling,and strutting
is my glory stuff in light of day,
Pruning my multicolored feathers plus.
be my activity of crisp fall days.
Ooooh Ooooh, I hear them pick -em -ups
again on falls hunting menu searching prowl.
Sorry boys, I`m a`busy looking pretty
for my nature loving audiences
and haven't time for the years uneventful
 POW! POW! song, ....
and awww `dawg gone! ....missed again....
whadda ahse ... a`gonna do now....
an where did ah goes wrong?
Cloudeight Stationery Turkey Graphic
Music:  Turkey in the Straw.