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Judges -10:13-14...

''Among the Indians there have been no written laws. Customs handed down from generation to generation have been the only laws to guide them. Everyone might act different from what was considered right did he choose to do so, but such acts would bring upon him the censure of the Nation...This fear of the Nation's censure acted as a mighty band, binding all in one social, honorable compact.''
George Copway..''Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh''...'Ojibwa Chief'

And a Good Morning to All!
''Up-up'' now,..Go Grab that ''Cup O' Joe''...hasten to that cushion you like to plop down on and lets ''sit a spell''...Time to Answer a Question that keeps ''Poppin''  up at different Veteran's Circles,...Our Nation...are We Still ''One Nation,.Under GOD'',.or are We,..''One Nation Gone Under?!!''.

Let Me Reflect way back when,...Lets say back in My childhood days...I remember my Cousin and I,...the ''Fighting Cousins'' as we would be called,..if We weren't fighting each other,..well
it was the Neighborhood then that we'd be a ''pounding!''.

I remember, we'd go 'bee' hunting,.. my cousin and I would go to the flower bush,.. catch bees and shake them in our hands!...Sounds a little ''nutty''..But!.. as long as you'd
shake'm, it was cool,..

Now Alex,.. He's the oldest of both of Us says...''Ya wanna hear them real good?,..DON'T shake them!...So me,..I Stop shaking them and listen!...''BAM!''...A Taser like shock hits Me!,..I'm a
Hollering and Crying,..I look at Him,..he's on the ground ''rolling'' around with tears in his eyes too!...Why does He have tears in his eye's I'd ask myself,..Why He's Laughing so hard he's in tears!...

''Hmmmmm!''..What was 'That' about?...Just a sideline to show the day's of our 'innocence!'

You could leave the door of the house unlocked,..or the windows of your car open,..Come to think about it,..if you weren't home by dark,..You were invited to stay for dinner by the Neighbor!
And Saturday nights were ''Horror T.V.'' at the house of whatever ''Block Mom'' that was 'Lucky' enough to have the ''Gang'' over that day!

What ''Happened'' to those ''Happy Day's''...Our Dad's,..pretty much All of them were W.W.2
Veteran's,..back then it was ''GOD and Country''...

On Sundays,.there wasn't a ''soul'' to be seen in the Neighbor-hood,.the Churches were ''packed,''
didn't matter what Faith You were either!...On the way Home, You'd see the Priests,..Pastor's,..
Minister's,..Preacher's,..Rabbi's shaking hands with the ''Believers'',..and when You ''Honked''
as You went by,..Folk's would turn and ''Wave'' at You and the Family!...It WAS Good to be an ''American'' back then!

''What Happened?''...I remember the Country had ''Prayer Day'' once a Year to ''Honor'' the Great ''Blessing's'' that GOD Bestowed on the Nation....Now there is only ''Silence''

Have ''We'' as a Nation turned Our Back on GOD like was done in the ''Old Testament?''

What Happened to those Nations of Past that Turned Away from GOD,..Is it not Happening to US Now!...

Let's See What the BIBLE says,..Or Better yet,..''What did GOD say!?''...

Judges-10-13:14...''You continue to Abandon Me, and to Worship other gods...( money )
So, go away, I won't save you anymore. Go and cry to the new gods you have chosen! Let them save you in your hour of distress!.''

''OUCH!''..Seems GOD was a 'little'..''P.O.'D'' with someone on that note!...Seems though,..Money,
''False teachers'' whom preach for money are ''Taking Us Down''..Closing the ''Door'' on God!

That's NOT All Folks!...

Job-5 : 3...''Those who turn away from God may be successful for a moment, but then comes  sudden disaster.''

Remember the City of Babylon?...

Genesis-11-3:4..''The people who lived there began to talk about building a ''Great City'',...with a 'Temple-Tower' reaching to the skies,..a proud, eternal monument to Themselves!''

Does the word ''Twin Tower's'' a Monument of a ''Money Oriented Nation'' ring a bell?

Deuteronomy-28-43 : 44...''Foreigners living among You shall become richer and richer while you become poorer and poorer. They Shall lend to you, and not you to them.
They shall be the head,..You shall be the tail!''

What Happened to ''GOD and Country'',..Working here at Home,..Producing Our Own Goods,.. Keeping Jobs here for ''Our Country''...Giving God His ''Fair Tithes'' with Our Labor and Love.
Seems We, a Nation,..Abandoned Our Own People who in ''Distress'' are abandoning GOD!

Now..''GET THIS!''...Again it is Written!...

Deuteronomy-28-49:50...''The Lord WILL bring a Distant Nation Against you, swooping down upon you as an eagle (Jet Crashes at the Towers),..a Nation whose lanquage you don't understand, a Nation of fierce and Angry men who will have  ''No Mercy'' on young or old.''

Deuteronomy-8:20...''Just as the Lord has caused other nations in the past to perish. That will be YOUR fate too, if you don't obey the Lord Your GOD.''

''On Bended Knee,..on bended knee'',..I ask, God's Name,..Consider All that I have ''Preached'' today,..I am only the messenger, Delivering the Message.We as a Nation ''STILL HAVE TIME!''

Again..What does the ''Bible'' say,.oop's,..What does GOD say?...

2 Chronicles-7-14:15...''If MY People Will Humble Themselves and Pray, and Search fo ME, and  Turn Away from Their Wicked ways, I Will hear them from heaven and forgive Their sins and heal their land.I will listen wide awake to every Prayer made in this place.''

I'll leave it at that,.. I'm sure as the Day is Long, I've rustled some feathers,. But as I have said, I'm only the ''Messenger''.

Right now I think I'll call My Cousin and ask Him to lets go find some ant's and ''Toast'em'' with the Magnifying Glass,.. Only this time,.I ain't a gonna let Him sit ME down on the ''Ant Pile'' so they Don't run Away!...'''AAARRRGGGHHH!''

Time for a ''Refil'' of My ''Joe''..But!,..I leave You with these ''Parables!''

''Team Work Makes Dreams Work!''

''The subjects of the kingdom should display the manners of the court''

''With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.''

Sherrie and I Pray With and For You,.. Our ''Warriors'' and this Great Nation''

As President Reagan once said,.. We Truly are ''One Nation Under GOD'',..and if We take GOD out of the Equation,. We then will become ''One Nation Gone Under!''

''GOD Bless America'',.for it is in ''GOD WE TRUST!'' Pastor Frank the ''Preacher'' and Sherrie...




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