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'''There is no Death. Only a change of worlds.''
Seattle Seatlh...''Suquamish Chief''

Still 'nibbling' on those chocolate bunnies?,..Well, put them aside,..Go Grab that ''Cup O Joe''
ease yourself down into your favorite recliner,.kick off those slippers and put on those warm ''fuzzies!'' Sit back
and relax a spell while We Discuss a ''Great'' Topic asked by a ''Child.''...Is it 'O.K.' to Lie?!...

''Hmmmmm''...Lie,..My goodness!...ME Lie?...Certainly Not!...Well,...maybe a ''Little White Lie''....Naw!,..I know,..
Maybe I'll ''Stretch the Truth'' a bit,..After all, Who is it going to ''Hurt?''

Guess the ''Kid'' got Me on that one!...Lying,..Do We Lie for ''Gain'', We Lie to get out of a ''Sticky'' situation,
or Lie to ''Stretch the Truth'' in Our Favor?...

First I'll go see what the ''Instruction Book'' the 'Bible' says!...''Holy Crap!''...Ton's of Passages covering it!,..Boy,
I feel Myself Dancing on a ''Hot Bed of Coals'' on this one!....O.K.,..Lets read a couple!!...

2 John says..''No Lie is of the Truth.''

Matthew-5:37...''Say a simple Yes I will, or No I won't. Your word is enough.To strengthen your promise with a vow
shows that there is something Wrong.''

Proverbs-11:22...''God delights in those who keep their Promises, and abhors those who don't.''

Proverbs-19:9...''A false witness shall be punished and a Liar shall be caught.''

How about ''Liar-Liar pants on Fire!''...Best one ever!...

A Lie is a Lie is a Lie!..or is it?!...Guess what I ''Found!''...Sometimes ''GOD'' in His Wisdom gives Us a ''Break!''

Joshua-2:3-6...''The king of Jericho sent this message to Rahab: 'Bring out the men who came to you and entered
your house, because they have come to spy out the whole land.' But the woman had taken the two
men and hidden them. She said, 'Yes, the men came to me,but I did not know where they had come
from. At dusk, when it was time to close the city gate, the men left. I don't know which way they
went. Go after them quickly. You may catch up to them.' ( But she had taken them up to the roof
and hidden them under the stalks of flax she had laid out on the roof.)''

Now!,..Christian theologians are divided on this Subject..''Lying.'' Some say You should Never Lie, But!..Events in
the Bible,..and even today,.Say like the day's of the ''Holocaust'' when Good People hid the Jew's to Save their
Lives while ''Lying'' to the Nazi Army, was an ''Ethical'' call...

While the Bible 'Does-Not' Condone Lying for the sake of Lying, it does Condone Lying to preserve a ''Higher Moral

Rahab, in order to Save the lives of the two spies, Lied to ''Preserve'' their Mission as Directed by the Lord...

We wouldn't Hesitate to Lie to save Our Life or Our Family in a Threat...

But! Lie to Deceive, and or Cause Hurt or Injury to another....Forget ''Dancing with the Star's'',..You'll be part of
the ''New Show Down Below''...'Dancing on the Coals with Satan''..a Big Hit in Hell!

Bottom line,..I told the ''child'' it is not good to Lie,..Because You will Always know what You did was not a good thing,
and it will always bother You,..and 'GOD' sees it too and it 'Hurts His Feeling's .''

Do ''Politicians Lie'' No,..They call it ''Bending the Truth''..a little!

White Lies?...Same ''Dance with the Devil!''...

Reminds Me once,.a ''Nun'' was in the food line at School Guarding the tray of apples, so no one would 'snitch one'..
Who in their right mind wants to 'snitch' an apple!..Anyway,..Me,..why I took a cookie at the 'head' of the line, tucked
it under the tray!...I was ''Slick'' or so I thought!...During the lunch, the Nun said..Although I was watching the ''apples'
GOD was Watching the Cookies!...It didn't taste so good then,..I told her a ''White Lie'' it was on the floor so I ate it!
Needles to say,..My ''Knuckles'' had a visit from the ''Ruler'' After I went to the 'Head Nun!''...

DON'T LIE!..It will Hurt You later,..Lies to Cover Lies,..Soon You either ''Believe'' them,..or You Forget where the
''Truth ended and the Lie Started!''

Hey!,..I 'm all ''tuckered out'' and My ''Cup O' Joe'' is gone!...Ain't 'No Lie' there!..

I'll close with a Couple O' Parables!...

''Don't let Prayer be Your last recourse in time of need,...Make it be Your First!''

''We see in part, GOD sees the whole.''

''As the blossom can't tell what becomes of its fragrance, We can't tell what becomes of Our Influence.''

Sherrie and I Pray each Day for All of You,..Our Troops,..Our Great Nation too!1

STOP!..Take a ''Ten-Second'' Prayer break,...Let GOD know how You feel straight up,..whether its Good or Bad, ask Him
foe a little help or a ''Shot of Faith'' if You need it,..I know I do,..He'll Bless You for it...

May We the People Always be able to say..''May God Bless America',..for it is in ''GOD We Trust!..can I get an ''AMEN/''

Pastor Frank the ''Preacher'' and Sherrie...