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''When a man does a piece of work which is admired by all, We say it is wonderful..But when we see the changes of day and night, the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky, and the changing seasons upon the earth, with their ripening fruits, anyone must realize that it is the work of Someone more powerful than man.'' ''Chased by Bears''...

Santee-Yanktonai Sioux


''Chased by Bears!''...I can't even Imagine that picture!,..But it is a 'True Native American' Name, the ''Indian's'' of

Old used to Name Their Children after ''Events'' or the First thing they had seen or done after the Birth...

Well,..What are you waiting for, No Bears around here this morning, except maybe your ''Backside!''..Now get up

and ''Grab that Cup O' Joe'',...I can smell that pot brewing from here!...Lets Hunker down in a good spot this Morning,

as We listen to what a Friend of Mine and Yours ''Reminded'' Me about,..''Forget Something!''...

One of 'Our Own'...T. Anthony,...sent Me a Message,..a Point Well taken if I might say so,..A ''Wee Bit'' about Folks

and Their ''Cell-Phones''...

Remember that ''T.V.'' Ad,..''Got Milk?''... the one with some 'famous' actor with a ''milk mustache'' after sipping on an

''iced cold glass'' of frothy milk....It puts a message of 'Starting Your Day off' by Not Forgetting to have a Big Glass of

Milk in the Morning,...''Does a Body Good'' it says!

What does that got to do with ''Cell Phones''..or Forgetting Something You ask, maybe a ''Little Confused?''...

Seems that First thing We Should Do in the Morning when We get up is say a ''Little Prayer'', Am I Right?...Yada..yada

Pastor...sure.....''Hmmmmm''... Who said ..''Go Fly a Kite!''...I heard that,..Who's the 'Smarty pants!'

We jump up,..Go ''Grab that Cup O' Joe..( A Good Thing! )...Maybe get a piece of toast,..Check the ''Cell Phone'' to see

if its ''Charged''..then Check for Messages,...Check the Mirror for any ''New Wrinkles'' and Hit the Road!...For Us

''Old Folks''... ''Cup O' Joe'',..Check for Wrinkles,...Go ''Tinkle''...Go ''Back to Bed!''...

I was Driving by a School the other Morning,..Every Kid I saw had ''Cell Phones'',..Almost All of them were Talking or

Texting,...Who at Seven in the Morning is there to 'Talk,..and Text' to!...Why I was ''Ashamed'' as I looked at My 'Old

Worn Out Twenty Nine Dollar Basic Dinosaur Phone,..the one with the 'Fading Silver Folding ' model with the 'Broken

Hinge!''...These ''Youngsters''...they have T.v Access,..Camera's,..''I=Pods''.. or Pads..Video,..Computer Access,.

Everything but a ''Food Bar!''...'Shut My Mouth'...Someone Might Do that Next!..

And We,..The ''Older Generation'' Remember that to talk on a Phone,..You needed a ''Nickel''...oops a Dime...oops

a Quarter...''Inflation!'' talk at a ''Phone Booth!''...Didn't dare use the Office Phone,..they kept 'Records'' of All Calls!

Now Getting Back to ''Forget Something!''....GOD,..Thats Right ...G O D!...Seems He Got Put on Hold...Or as We say in

the ''Phone Talk''...Hey ''Call Ya Back Later!''...Funny,..We Never Call HIM Back,.We ''DISCONNECT HIM!''..Until.....

Well,.lets just say..Until We have an ''Emergency''...a '911'...A..''Oh MY GOD'' Moment!...Then He's the Most ''Popular''

Guy in the 'Universe',..Phone ''Ringing'' off the Hook....

What Does the Bible Say?...The BIBLE?...YUP!...GOD's Personal ''Directory''...Yes,.He takes ALL ''Collect Calls''...Text

Messages...'911' Calls,..BUT HIS FAVORITE Calls,..When You Call HIM on the Direct ''Hot Line'' and just say ''HI!''

Psalm-16:11...''You have made known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal

pleasures at your right hand.''

Did You ''Forget Something?''...GOD!...He Reminds Us that WE are Accountable of what We say...

Matthew :12:36-37...''And I tell you this, that You must give account of yourself on Judgement Day for every idle word

you speak. Your words Now, reflect your fate Then, either you will be justified by them, or you

will be Condemned.''

By Your Own Mouth,..You will in fact put your Own Fate in Your Own Hands...Think about this,..By Your Own Mouth,

whether in Confessionor Prayer,..Can You ask GOD for Help,.or Forgiveness..for Anything..

When We take a Shower,..We Wash the 'Dirt' off Our Body,..Think of Confession as a ''Shower'',.Soon as You 'Confess'

You are ''Washed Clean'' by Your Own Admission,.and by the Lord's Promise of Forgiveness!..And when you ask in

Prayer for anything,..Dosen't God say,..''Ask and You Shall Receive?''

Matthew-10:32.''Therefore whoever confesses ME before men, him I will also confess before MY Father who is in Heaven.''

Funny,..We Don't Forget to turn off the lights and lock the door,..We don't forget to take the house keys or ''Strap On'' the

'Cell Phone'' to Our Belt!...We don't forget to 'Punch in'' at Work..BUT,..WE Forget to ''Open the Door'' to Our Heart and

Unlock it,..Give the Lord a Place of ''Haven'' for the Day in the Life of Us,..We Don't Say Hi,..or Thank HIM in Our Short

Walk of Faith, Meals,..''Thank you for this Bounty'' We are about to Receive,...NO!..Pass the salt is more like it!

Put the Phone Down for just a Minute!..GOD has an ''Unlimited Call Plan'' for ''FREE!''..Paid for in Full...

''Accept God's Free gift of Salvation. You Can't earn it, you can't perform for it or even be good enough for it, but You

can receive it because GOD chooses to Give it to YOU!

We have So Many Distractions here in Our Life...So Many Paths that take Us Away from God's Path of Righteousness in

Our Own Walk of Faith,..

Luke-9:62...''Anyone who lets himself be Distracted from the work I Plan for him, is NOT fit for the Kingdom of GOD.''

That's a ''Direct Quote'' from Jesus!...

All in All,..''Each Step We Take in Our Walk of Faith is a Step Farther Away from the Past and a Step Closer to the Future,

or Our Destiny!''...Take Each Step Carefully!

''Forget Something?''...Dump the Milk,..Forget the Cell Phone for a Minute...Have a ''Cup O'Joe''..( a Good Thing) if I might

say,..AND Take a ''Short Break'' to Say..''HOWDY LORD!''...He'll Bless You for it,..Kinda puts Me in Tears, Really does,

GOD,..He See's and Hears Everything We Do,..Nothing Though Catches HIS Ear more than to Hear Someone down here

Calling HIM,..His Line is Always Open,..''Never a Busy Signal''...Switchboard Full of Angels!

''Whew!''..Shot My Nickel there!..BUT!!!..Heres some Psalms to have with that 'Cup O' Joe!''..

Mark-1:15...''At last the time has come! God's Kingdom is near! Turn from your sins and act on this Glorious news!''

Good deeds don't make a Christian, but a Christian does Good Deeds!''

''In all the setbacks of Your life as a Believer,..GOD is plotting for Your Joy!''

Again,..Sherrie and I Pray for All of You,..Our Warriors in Harms Way,.and Our Great Nation, it is ''YOU'' With the

''Blessings of GOD That Makes Us Who We are...''One Nation Under GOD!''

Pastor Frank the ''Preacher''..and Sherrie... ''Forget Something?''...May We Always be able to say..''GOD Bless America!''

For it is...... ''IN GOD WE TRUST!''






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