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''When we go hunting, it is not our arrow that kills the moose, however powerful the bow, it is nature that kills him.''

''Big Thunder''..Wabanaki Algonquin...

''Happy Fathers Day'' to All You Dad's!..

O.K.,...We'll get to All these different things I'm about to lay on You,..But First settle back, Can

You smell it?...Smell what Your asking!..Why that ''Cup o' Joe'' that's being brewed for You,..and that ''Burnt Toast''

that's going to be served with the eggs and peanut butter the little ones are cooking up for Your Surprise!,..I mean,

You are the One, Who some time ago when Mom was out,..Made those 'Great P-Nut butter sandwiches and told the

'Little Fritters that it was Your Favorite Food!...Well DAD,..'Happy Father's Day''...You ''Earned it!'' This would be a

Good Time to own a dog!...

Now,...Go ''Grab that Cup O' Joe''...Nestle Down,..After You get ''Served!''..Lets Cover a Few Things this Morning..

Father's Day,...Pretty much by now,..Most of Us Guy's have already raised Our Little ''Skeeter's'',. and maybe by now

Some of You are ''Gran-Pappy's!''

Well,. What-Ever the case,..Enjoy today, comes only ''Once a Year''...

''Yesterday I Died''...Hmmmm,..Sounds a ''wee bit'' morbid,..But the Truth of the Matter is that it fits right in with Today's

Message...If Our Father's, Who Passed could send a Message...Well Today's Message is What would be said....

As of Late,..I have been doing Many-many Services for Dad's and Grand-Dad's as they have ''Passed Away''. Gone to

be with the ''Father''...

Dads,..We Truly are an ''Odd Bunch''...We were Loved,..We were Hated,..But We were the ''Rock'' the Safe Haven for

the Family in Times of Hardship.

Now Mom's,..they were the One to go to for 'Hugs''..Cookies..or a 'Band-Aids'..Dads had the ''Disciplinary Role''...

Yes, I know, maybe in the Perfect World of ''Father Knows Best''...My House was more like ''Leave it to Beaver!' With

'Ozzie and Harriet' Running not to far behind!..Actually I proabably was a ''Little Rascal!''

The Point I'm trying to get at is this,..I really didn't have that ''T.V.'' Relationship with My Dad,...And what Brings all

of this about is that Several Families who recently lost their Dads were, Like Myself in fact having issues with Their


Why..''My Dad was So Distant and Mean, How could He Go to Heaven!''. or My Dad..''NEVER'' Talked about God,..

except to say His Name allot when he was mad! and say how ''God wasn't fair''..or how could God let this or

that Happen!.

And as One of those Children Myself,with questions,..I ''KNEW'' that My Dad was ''Stoking the Company Stove''..

You know it as the Place with 'Unending Coals''..or the ''Marshmallow'' Pit!

We feel guilt after our Fathers Death,..''I wish I would of spent more time with him,''..Why didn't He Love me,.He seemed

to always yell at me or didn't care!....I never saw him go to Church,.but He'd sure use God's Name allot! a Bad Way!

Like I said,..Dad's, ''Odd Bunch!''...did Dad really go Down to the ''Hot House?''..or is He in Heaven!,..Sure don't

picture him there with a Harp,.a Strap maybe!

Alllllrighty Now!...Lets ''Figure'' this out together O.K?!...

First of all,..Most of Our Dads are ''War Veterans,''...We don't know what they went through, except We Always heard

''War Stories''..some so ''Surrealistic'' it couldn't of really of happened,..after all,..The Movies always have ''Happy Endings!''

and O'l Dad was rarely happy.We can only Imagine what they went through.

And I hear that like I have even said,..My Dad was so MEAN and He ''Hated God!''....I'll let that ''Simmer'' for a sec.,...

First,..WHO are We to Judge?...When was the Last Time You ''Prayed'' or set foot in a Church?....When was the last time

''YOU'' Blew Your 'Gasket' at someone or a Family Member?..Have YOU Hugged Anyone Lately, or out of the 'Blue' just

said,..''Hey,..I Love You!''...

We know that We,.or some of Us didn't have that Special Relationship that many have with O'l Dad,.and Only Realize

How Much He Meant to Us, and How Much We Really Loved Him...and maybe Never Told Him,.Until it was too Late!..

Funny thing about that too,..Dad,..We ''Never'' saw Him Pray,...GOD,..and Only God knows how many times that ''Pop''

Broke Down in the Privacy of His Bedroom,..or Garage and Cried His Heart out to God in Prayer!...I know,.I heard My

Own Dad ''Talking to God'' at His Workbench,..Asking God for Forgiveness for the way He was Acting,that He couldn't

help Himself!...

O.K.,..o.k,..You got Me,..lets see what the Bible says!..Fact is,..O'l Timothy put it Best!

1 -Timothy-2:5...''For there is one GOD, and one Mediator between God and men,..the Man Christ Jesus.''

I know that on My Dads Deathbed,.He Accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior,..Jesus says that the ONLY way

to the Father, is through Him,.Jesus!

And Timothy tells Us the Same thing,..He-''Jesus'' the Mediator!...

No Matter How Mean,..How ''Rotten'' How ''Un-Holy'' I Thought My Dad was,..That was MY own Perception,..GOD, and only

God knows the ''Big Picture!''...

Then Why do I Feel So Bad I was asked by other People in the same position., Why do I ''Feel so Guilty?''

Remember,.There's a Real ''Dark-Side'' out there,.His name is ''Evil''..he is Satan,.the ''FATHER of Sin!''...So,..

''Who's Your Daddy?''

Matthew-10:32...''Therefore, whoever confesses ME before men,..him I will also confess before My Father who is in Heaven.''

I ''Rest My Case''.in Fact GOD says,.there is NO Case,..''For GOD so Loved the World''...You Know the rest!

Confess to the Father Your Sin,.Your Fears,..Your Hopes,..Ask Forgiveness,..Accept JESUS for Who He is,.its Written

in Scripture,..But Most of all,..''Believe!''...Yes,...Even in Death, is NEVER to late to Accept The Saviour.

''Wow'',..There's gotta be Dads ''Running out to the Work-Bench'' right now,.Hey,.wait a minute,..''Hmmmmm'' last ''Whoopin''

I got was at a Workbench!...

Dad's,..Have a ''Great Fathers Day''...If O'l Pop is around,..Call Him..Tell Him How Much He Means to You,..AFTER You

Pray to ''Our Father'' in Heaven,..

To those who have 'Lost Dad'',..No Worries,..Bow Your Head in Prayer,..First tell ''Our Father GOD'' How much HE means

to You,..ask HIM to Slip ''DADDY'' a Message of Love Also,..You Know he'll get it!..

Before I hit You with some Parables,.Remember..''Guilt'' is what You do to Yourself,.Many times ''Inflicted'' through

Satan to Turn You Away from God,..Don't Give him that Victory,...Let ''Our Father GOD'' Show You the Way!

I do know this much,...Our Father's, through all their problems,..Joy's Love and sometime ''Lost Love,'' always have

a 'Special Place' in their Heart for their Children,..even if the Don't show or Say it!..And I also know that Deep in Their Hearts,..

They had a Special Place put aside for GOD,..Their Father,..No,..I'm not Worried at All where they are....

Pastor's note- Luke-23:42-43...As Jesus was Dying on the Cross, of the Convicted Criminals next to Him,..never met

jESUS NOR NEVER HEARD OF hIM SAID...''We deserve to die for our evil deeds,..but this man has done nothing wrong,

Then he turned to Jesus and said,..''Jesus, Remember me when You come into Your Kingdom.''....Jesus,..never met this

man too, said to him,...''Today you Will be with Me in Paradise,...this isa solemn Promise.''

Would Jesus, by our Confession, and Acceptance Not do the Same for Us!?...I Reat My Case...

''By the sunshine of His love, God paints on our clouds the rainbow of His Grace''

''To be Found,.You Must admit Your Lost!'' 

And a ''Message'' from My O'l Pal Grumpy who went to be with the Father a bit ago...

''Don't Cry because its Over,..Be Happy that it Happened''

These were his words when He Realized that he was saved by his Own Confession of Faith through Our Lord Jesus Christ

''Grumpy''...Keep the Porch Light On!''...We'll See You in Heaven!,..Not Yet Though...

Sherrie and I Hold All of You,.Our Troops in Harms Way, and this Great Nation..

May We The People Always be able to say,..''May GOD Bless America'..for it is in ''GOD We Trust''...AMEN!

Pastor Frank the ''Preacher'' and Sherrie..






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