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1 -Corinthians-12:25...



OK NOW!...Don't Forget Sunday's Veteran's Church Service at 5pm!...''Pot Luck'' Afterward!!!

''All things in the world are two. In our minds we are two, good and evil. With our eyes we see two things-things that are

fair,...and things that are ugly. We have the right hand that strikes and makes for evil, and the left hand full of kindness,

near the heart. One foot might lead us to an evil way, the other foot might lead us to a good.So are all things two, all two.''

''Eagle Chief''..Letakots-Lesa...''Pawnee''

Goooood Morning!''

Sure is a ''Cooker'' this Morning!..But ''Hold on now''...Put that' 'Hog-Leg'' back in that Holster,..Hang

up them Spur's and put the Horse back in the Corral,..We ain't talking bout' no 'River-Boat' Gambler here this Morning,..

So,..Go Grab that''Cup O' Joe'',..''Iced'' Please,..Grab an easy chair and let Your ''Rump-Roast-Rest''...take off them slippers,

let those ''Little-Doggie's'' Cool Down a bit,..We be a' fixin to talk about ''Gambling'' with Your Life!..Here and the 'Here-after!'

1 -Corinthians-12:25...''The members should have the same care for one another.''

I bring up this Scripture, as it leads to open up today's message of how easy it is to get stuck in the ''Pitfalls'' of 'Temptations'

in Life....We are only human, and being weak as such, tend to disregard or forget the bond and trust that comes with a

Relationship,..not only with ourselves,..but with God.

There was an Elderly Couple,..Both of Strong Faith in God, and in each other...Everything was talked over and or 'Prayed'

on Before any decisions were made. A Relationship of ''Mutual Trust''...a Bonding with each other, and in their Faith, a

Bonding with God.

After many years of Working,..raising a Family through good times,..bad times, and even through the''Lean'' years,..the

Couple finally retired, having a little money set aside as ''Comfort'' money as they put it.

Always open to each other about their wants and dreams,..they did a little traveling and soon found a nice''Retirement''

Center to call Home!...

The Husband, he found 'solice' in puttering around little hobbies,..the Wife, she joined a ladies club,..and their hobby was

go to the Local Casino ''Buffet'' and eat!..

Well, after awhile,..the ladies started to Gamble!, first it was a little here,..a little there. Soon. the 'Lady 'got caught up in the

Excitement of the ''Game'' and started to dip into the ''Comfort'' money set aside for their Security in the later years..

The Gentle Husband,seeing this unfold 'Warned' her about the ''Pitfall's'' and how it was 'Endangering' their future.The Old

Woman assured him that it was just a faze and she stopped,..Well,..untill she heard her friend hit a ''Jackpot!'...If She can

do it,..So can I!...

Well,..You can Imagine how that went!...She almost wiped out Their ''Comfort'' money,as He needed some funds for a small

surprise gift he was planning for Her 80th. Birthday....BUT! his surprise,..Insufficient funds!...

He, a ''Man of Faith,''..or at least he thought, became enraged with his Wife,..his 'Life-Partner'..he ''Trusted'' her with everything,

never had a doubt about his Security in her,..With her...

Came down that he broke down,..She too was ''Heartbroken'' at what She had done,.said she just got caught up in it, and

wouldn't ''Ever Do it Again!''...That Didn't go over well at all,..''You Said That Before'' he yelled!...Slowly,..he arose from the

table and went over to his old desk,..His feeble hand shaking, he pulled open the drawer..reached inside, shuffling things

around..He pulled out an old ''SilverDollar''...Here,..he said...''You Want to Gamble flip it,..Heads I Stay,..Tails I leave'' ...Why a

Silver Dollar she asked?...''I Trusted You with My Life,..You Betrayed Me,..I now Understand how 'Jesus' must of felt when He

too was Betrayed for ''Thirty Pieces of Silver by Someone He also Loved and Trusted!..Go on now,..Do it he shouted!''

She took the ''Silver Dollar''...Dear GOD she Prayed,..I was wrong,..Please Forgive Me,..But let it be Your Will Father, Not Mine!

She tossed the Coin in the air,..the loud ''clink'' as it hit the Table,..spinning like a Top, round and round..'teetering' on end..

2- Chronicles-20:15...''Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God's.''

Genesis-48:15...''GOD,...has fed me all my life long to this day.''

Bible tells Us that We should Never put our trust in man, Butin God himself!,..When We falter, to Pray and seek Guidance,also

by keeping Faith in His Word.

When We put Trust in the Lord by Prayer and Faith,.Our Battles become God's battles,..if the ''Old Woman'' had kept her

Faith up and Not Trusted others who led Her out to the ''Wrong Path',..Trouble would of have been averted...BUT..the

''Old Man'' also was to hold an Accounting,..He ''Allowed'' her to Travel that road Alone!...Stay in Prayer,.Stay in Truth,..

Stay in God's Light!...

I Leave You with these ''Parables!''

''We can trust our all knowing God for the unknown future.''

''Stop and take a break from the busyness of life sothat you can refuel your soul!''

''We need one another in orderto be who GOD wants us to be.''

Untill next week,..Sherrie and I hold All of You,..Our Soldiers in Harms Way,.andOur Great Nation America in Prayer..

May We Always be able to say,...''May GOD Bless America'',..for it is in ''GOD WE TRUST!''..AMEN!..

Pastor Frank,,the ''Preacher'..and Sherrie..


OH YEA,...The ''COIN'' Stopped ''Standing Up!''...GOD again ''Won that Battle'' for Her....a ''DRAW!


Tune ~ Have Thine Own Way Lord





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