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''When I was a young man I went to a medicine-man for advice concerning my future.'' The medicine-man said:
''I have not much to tell you except to help you understand this earth on which you live. If a man is to succeed
on the hunt or the warpath, he must not be governed by his inclination, but by an understanding of the ways of
animals and of his natural surroundings, gained through close observation. The earth is large, and on it live
many animals. The earth is under the protection of something which at times becomes visible to the eye.''
''Lone Man'' - Teton Sioux

Goooood Morning!..
Made it through another week I see,...Lets get right to the point and go Grab that ''Cup O' Joe''
Pull up a rug and lets listen as I ''Bend Your Ear'' on today's Message...''I know YOU!''

''Hmmmmm'' Interesting opening for a Sunday 'wake-up!'...But!..I recently was doing a ''Ministering'' Service
for an ''Elderly'' Veteran whom passed away shortly after we had a 'sit-down',..Him seeking Resolution and Comfort
along with a few ''Answers''....

I believe we talked about this before in the past in one of my Sermon's,..but for the sake of answering one of many
questions on Life,..I'll touch on it again.

Pastor Frank ( Veteran X ) asked..''Why Was I Born,..and Why Am I Here,..and what is My Purpose?''

Good Questions all!..Let's Break out the ''Directory Book of Life''...the 'Bible!''..Let's see what it says....'Hmmmm'-
Here it is...Seems the Prophet Jeremiah had about the same question GOD himself,..very 'Direct!'

Jeremiah-1:4-5...''The Lord said to me,''..''I knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb, before you
were born I sanctified you and appointed you as My spokesman to the world.''

Pretty much put the ''WORD'' to Jeremiah...There's also a passage that God said..''Silence!..Know that I am GOD!''

Meaning this...''Keep Your ''Trap-Shut!'',..Why do you Question ME!..''I AM GOD''...But!..God in His Wisdom and
Patience and Loving ways, Answered Jeremiah,..letting him ... AND...Us know this...God knew Our Name BEFORE
We were born,..He knows what Our Destiny is,..and the Time of Our ''Death!''...He knows Our Purpose here!

We ''Forget'' that We All have a Purpose here,..some say it is to ''Glorify God'',..I do agree with that,..but I also say
to that,.that We are All like 'Spokes' on a wheel,..Our Purpose is to Support and be Part of a ''Bigger'' thing in Life,
Part of God's wheel per say to help and support the ''Big Picture'' as they say in His plan...

Can We Change the ''Future'' or Our Own Destiny?..I know that through the ''True Word'' of God,..We can Change
the ''Outcome'' of Our Own Life...Realizing that Our Goal..or Outcome is ''Heaven!''...

I explained to this Veteran that there are ''Law's'' that have to be followed,.Broken at time's,..actually Many-many
times over and over again, but God,..He expects this in Our Learning...or in Our ''Walk of Faith''..and Forgives Us!

Deuteronomy-8:6...''Obey the Laws of the Lord your God. Walk in His ways and Fear Him.''

Numbers-30:1-2...''The Lord has Commanded that when anyone makes a promise to the Lord, either to do something
or to quit doing something, that vow must Not be broken, the person making the vow
must do exactly as promised.''

So!...God, again by His Own Word, has set ''Law's'' to be Followed,..Knowing that being ''Weak'' in the flesh, We
can't keep them,..He ''Forgives'' Us!..No matter how many times We keep ''Breaking the Law!''...

By Your,..By Our Own Confession by Mouth, and the ''Sacrifice'' of Jesus, the Son of God,.We are truly ''Forgiven,''
picked back up, put on our feet and set right back on the Path We Take in Life,..Our ''Walk of Faith!''...

Now that Old Veteran, He had ''Comfort'' and felt at Peace knowing that he became a ''Man of Faith'' having accepted
Jesus, saying to me, ''I guess its Never to Late, ..Right Pastor?''..

When he ''Passed,''..I know the Good Lord Welcomed him saying..''Well Done, My Good and Faithful Servant''

Guess I'll quite with that,..anyway I need to re-fill my ''Cup O' Joe!''...

Keep in mind that it is ''NEVER'' to late to accept the ''Grace of God''... Humble yourself, Let the Lord know in Prayer
how you feel,..what's on your mind,.ask how He can help,..accept responsibility for your actions,..after all it is said..
''I know You!,..after all I Made YOU!''...We All are part of God's ''Big Picture''..Stay in His Word,..In the Law of Life!

I leave you with these ''Parables''...

''When all you have is God, You have ALL you need.''

''God broke into human history to offer us the eternal gift of salvation.''

''When we forget about ourselves, We do things others will remember.''

Sherrie and I Hold All of You in Prayer along with our ''Warrior's'' and this Great Blessed by God.

May We the ''People''..always be able to say,.''GOD Bless America''..for it is in ''GOD We Trust!''...AMEN..

Pastor Frank the 'Preacher'' and Sherrie..








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