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I saw a piece of Spam (the canned meat) on the web and it reminded me of how I have used Spam over the years.  When I would be camping out I liked to make one pan meals.  One of my favorites was to soft fry potatoes (some people call them pan fried) with Spam and onions diced into small pieces and cooked with the potatoes.  Then when the potatoes were done I would pour in half a dozen eggs and stir everything until the eggs are done.  As I sit here at my computer thinking about that I can smell the onions cooking now.


I also use to dice a can of Spam and cook it in a big pan of scrambled eggs when I didn’t have bacon or sausage.


Another way I used Spam was to shred it up and mix it with onions, pickles, Mayo and boiled eggs for a sandwich spread.


Sometimes I would slice it approximately 1/4 inch thick, sometimes a little thicker, dip it in milk, roll it in a mixture of flour and corn meal and fry it. I usually served this wonder main-dish meat with pinto beans, mashed potatoes and sliced tomatoes and green onions.


Then I remember one time I was hunting in the Davie Crockett National Forest on the Naches river.  I had driven back into the river bottoms on some long unused log roads.  It was tough going and there was no running out to a grocery store.  I was living off the land and eating what I could kill.  Squirrels, rabbits, black birds, and even an armadillo.  I always had a can or two of Spam in the camper for emergencies but I hadn’t used them. 


I was camped on the bank of the river and I though it would be nice to have some fish for a change in diet.  I had a throw line with four hooks on it so I got it out and had to decide what to use for bait.  That evening I had open one can of Spam for supper and I had some of it left over.  So I cut it into small pieces and used it for bait on my throw line. 



The next morning when I checked my line I had four catfish, one on every hook.  I ate fish for supper that night.  I made me a mental note to start carrying Spam with me in the camper all the time.  You never know what it will be good for until you try it.  On that trip is when … but no, that's a whole nother story for a different time.


I also use to make what I called Moore’s slumgullun.  I would start with a can of Spanish rice, a can of rotel tomatoes with peppers, a can of kidney beans, and add a can of diced Spam.  I would season this with salt and chili power and lemon pepper.  Then I would serve this over fritos. Only people that had cast iron stomachs and liked spicy foods could handle this.


One time when three of my friends and I were fishing on Sam Rayburn lake we had taken a cabin and I had taken the makings for Moore’s slumgullun.  I was fishing in the boat with George and Bob and David were fishing together.  On the second evening there, George and I were late coming off the lake.  Bob and David had come in early and Bob decided he would cook Moore’s slumgullun for supper that night.  He opened all the cans and poured them in a big pot that was in the cabin.


He put the pot on the stove and let it simmer.  When it got hot it was so thin it was like soup.  He had not poured off the liquid from the rice, beans, and tomatoes.  So he thought he would turn up the fire and boil off the liquid.  Well he boiled it hard for about 15 minutes.  It never did thicken up so we could eat it.  But when he went to pour it out of the pot there was a one inch thick crust of gunk on the inside of the pot.  We never did get that pot clean and Bob took it in his boat the next day and deep sixed it in the lake.   He never told the people that owned the camp about their pot.


Enough already, I’m making myself hungry.  I know you have eaten Spam.  Let me know what you did with it.



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