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And the American soldier who found a lady, an angel in disguise


A day to remember,

landing on Omaha beach, as the invasion was taking place

Bullets flying and land mines were everywhere,

there just wasnít any safe place.


My company was so badly shot up,

none of my friends could be found

I was added to another infantry company,

it was the only one around.


Making it off that beach safely where the dead

and the dying were everywhere

I didnít make it; there came a blinding flash and,

I donít remember what happened over there.


Our company commander was determined,

to make it to higher ground

I woke up a few days later,

but couldnít see a thing, or hear a sound.


I prayed and prayed to GOD that,

I might regain my hearing and also my sight

I hoped that my prayers could be answered,

my God would make it alright.


My days were long and painful,

no comfort could be found at all

That nurse must have been a beautiful lady,

an angel, I would call.


Her kind ways and her very gentle touch,

gave me comfort when I hurt so much

I must see and hear this angel lady,

for I was frightened, until I felt her touch.


She was not mean or cranky when

I made a mess on my eating trays,

I couldnít hear a word that she said,

 but it was all said in her gentle ways.


My hearing was slowly improving, but still I couldnít see;

it was always dark as night

It would be wonderful to see that angel,

if only I could regain my sight.


Physical therapy was terrible,

I was hurting all over, in every way

But I could hear the soft and wonderful voice,

when she tended me every day.


I begin to walk again, she would lead and walk with me,

over the hospital grounds

Even though I never saw the lady of my heart,

my love for her knew no bounds.


We soon became a lot more than good friends,

we were falling in love

I married that English lady; an angel,

a true blessing from above.


My sight finally returned, a beautiful lady I saw,

an angel, and now, she is my wife

I will honor and cherish that sweet angel lady,

 for all the rest of my life.


  By Dale L. Neill









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