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The Prophetic significance of it.

You may wonder why in the past few months I have spent so much time on Mel Gibson's new movie, "The Passion of the Christ." Let me explain.

Months ago I believe the Lord put it on my heart that this movie will be a last call to the world by our merciful and loving God, not wanting any to perish. Think about this...

1. Is it a coincidence that this film is the most realistic and profound depiction of Christ's great love and sacrifice for us in the past 2,000 years?

2. Is it a coincidence that this is the main message that God wants the human race to have?

3. Is it a coincidence that this film is coming at this time in history?

4. Is it a coincidence that movie technology is just now allowing such graphic realism?

5. Is it a coincidence that at this time the worldwide movie distribution system is so historically efficient?

6. Is it a coincidence that television is so pervasive worldwide, allowing widespread, worldwide promotion more than ever in history?

7. Is it a coincidence that the worldwide publicity and almost wall-to-wall television coverage of this film have been phenomenal and probably unprecedented?

8. Is it a coincidence that God chose one of the three most popular and liked movie stars in the world (Harris Poll) to produce and promote this film, insuring instant attention?

9. Is it a coincidence that there has never been such opposition to a movie, a satanic work permitted by God to provide even more publicity?

10. Is it a coincidence that God chose a Roman Catholic to do this, demonstrating to us all that He looks upon the heart and not the outward appearance or denomination, teaching us proud Protestants (some of whom are still pro-testing) a needed lesson in humility before Him? He chooses whom He will according to the counsel of His own wisdom.

11. Is it a coincidence that of all the Roman Catholics He could have chosen, He chose one who was totally committed to be true to the Scriptures, without mixing in Catholic tradition?

12. Is it a coincidence that many millions of believers all over the world of all denominations believe that "the end of the age" is imminent and the return of the Lord is extremely near, for reasons that are both biblical and from many personal revelations? The bloody figure depicted on the screen will soon appear in all His power and glory. Until then, billions of lost people are in the valley of decision, and time is short.

If you answered "no" to all the above, give yourself an "A+." None is a coincidence.

God always does things on purpose, "in the fullness of time." The message of His Son's great redeeming sacrifice and love is His precious and most sacred message. We can be assured that nothing about its timing is coincidence.

Oh, one more "non-coincidence" I failed to mention.  Maybe the Lord allowed that omission for this special emphasis....

Is it a coincidence that the movie is released in the very same month and year that America reached the historic pit of sexual perversion, when thousands of lawless homosexual "marriages" are being performed, with homosexuals flaunting their sin in the faces of the rest of the citizenry, and government leaders seem impotent or unwilling to do anything about it?  (I choose never to use the word "gay.")

It's no coincidence.

The lawlessness and accepted sodomy are among many other biblical signs that describe our times, the very times in which "The Passion of the Christ" just happened to appear.


Jim Bramlett








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