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.Rescue At Sea

John 20:21  Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.

Years ago, in a small fishing village in Holland, a young boy taught the world about the rewards of unselfish service. Because the entire village revolved around the fishing industry, a volunteer rescue team was needed in cases of emergency. One night the winds raged, the clouds burst, and a gale force storm capsized a fishing boat at sea.  Stranded and in trouble, the crew sent out the S.O.S. The captain of the rescue rowboat team sounded the alarm and the villagers assembled in the town square overlooking the bay. 

While the team launched their rowboat, and fought their way through the wild waves, the villagers waited restlessly on the beach, holding lanterns to light the way back.  An hour later, the rescue boat reappeared through the fog and the cheering villagers ran to greet them. 

Falling exhausted on the sand, the volunteers reported that the rescue boat could not hold any more passengers and they had to leave one man behind.  Even one more passenger would have surely capsized the rescue boat and all would have been lost. 

Frantically, the captain called for another volunteer team to go after the lone survivor.  Sixteen-year-old Hans stepped forward. His mother grabbed his arm, pleading, “Please don't go.  Your father died in a shipwreck 10 years ago and your older brother, Paul, has been lost at sea for three weeks.  Hans, you are all I have left.” 

Hans replied, “Mother, I have to go.  What if everyone said, 'I can't go, let someone else do it?'  Mother, this time I have to do my duty.  When the call for service comes, we all need to take our turn and do our part.”  Hans kissed his mother, joined the team and disappeared into the night. 

Another hour passed, which seemed to Hans' mother like an eternity. Finally, the rescue boat darted through the fog with Hans standing up in the bow.  Cupping his hands, the captain called, “Did you find the lost man?”  Barely able to contain himself, Hans excitedly yelled back, “Yes, we found him.  Tell my mother it's my older brother, Paul!” 

My friend, these Meditations are a rescue boat, in  the midst of an angry storm.   The person that may be saved through these Daily Meditations, may be your son or daughter, your brother or sister, your mother or father; they may be your best friend.  What if everyone said, “Sending forth the Daily Meditations is someone else’s responsibility?”   What then?

“Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” 

Think about it!


I believe in  JESUS CHRIST






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