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Our dear friend Loren Moore passed away

on February the third, two thousand six.

below are a few notes of tribute.





Today we lost a revered net friend
his name: Mr. Loren Moore,
Aaaah `he shared such mirth and beauty
his stories filled with laughter store.
A Texan was he ... with his tall fishing/ hunting tales a God loving man .. a devoted mate of many years, A great man has risen
leaving many admirers in tears.
He leaves behind loved family
those of whom he in life most admired,
A legend to them and to his many readers
who will recall him on the banks of the Caddo Lake yet knew he was growing tired.
Yes, we`ve lost a Dear Net Friend
to the promised heavens above,
Yet `each  person on earth that crossed his path was showered with hopes love.
May He Forever Rest In Peace
* All His Cyber Friends *
Sherry Kersey

It was Sherry Kersey who introduced me to Loren a little over two years ago. She sent me a story he had written. I immediately contacted him for permission to use it. He informed me he had lots of them he had written. A friendship bloomed. I know many of you were on his mail list before signing on with us. I have a copy of the last story he wrote, and it will be used soon

Texas Bob






A great loss was suffered with the death of Loren Moore. He was a loving and dedicated husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. And if he was your friend, he was faithful and caring beyond description.

Loren was many things: An outdoorsman that loved hunting and fishing, a man who adored the dogs that had shared his life, an ornery rascal that loved to tease, and he was a natural-born storyteller….

The day he decided to write his first story he would have been in shock knowing where that path would lead. He entertained and put smiles on faces around the world.

I’ll never forget the stories we co-wrote, and they will always be treasured. We never discussed where a story was going once one of us threw out a beginning sentence or title. When it was completed we would chat on the phone. Usually I’d say, “Loren, I had that story set up to go in such and such direction and you threw me a curve ball.” Oh, how he would laugh -- admitting he did it on purpose to rattle me! He was a wonderful playmate… full of life with a wacky sense of humor.

Never a quitter, he put up a courageous fight with his medical problems, and set an example we should all follow – enjoy each day as if it was your last. I hope he knew how much, and how many folks loved him. He will live on always in his stories and in our hearts.

Loren, you will be missed more than words can say. Farewell dear friend, till we meet again…at a nother place and at a nother time.


Kathleene S. Baker



In Memory of Loren Moore


While the poet/writer within me struggled for the words that rhymed, to remember Loren by, I kept finding myself lost somewhere in the silence. So I just began writing words that reminded me of him and all that he shared with his readers, and I couldn't help but smile for Loren had a wonderful sense of humor, and it always came through shining in a seemingly effortless way.

The very first encounter I had with Loren was I had written a poem that Bob Craig (Texas Bob) had placed on one of his many pages, and Loren emailed me, and asked me where in East Texas I lived, and from that day forward, I read every story he wrote, and shared, and not one of them ever left me without smile.

One didn't have to meet him face to face to know he was one of the most genuine people in the world. Through all the imagination, and the tall fishing and hunting tales, there was one light that always, ALWAYS came to surface, and that was his unquestionable love for his wife and his faith in God.

He told me some of his health woes, and that it truly saddened him sometimes to only be able to visit and fish Caddo in his memories anymore, but he'd not take a million dollars for even one of them. They were as precious to him as any treasure could ever have been.

While we have been left no choice but to say our so longs to a man that had come to mean so much to so many, we know that we've been left with a great written legacy of Tall Tales that will keep him here with us until we see him again.

I know I'll never see a cypress tree laced with spanish moss, or go catfishing that I won't think of and remember Loren.

Maybe it's the writer in me, but I can't get the picture of an empty wheelchair sitting at the edge of Caddo in all it's glorious splendor, out of my mind, or maybe it's because I know that wheelchair is only an earthly aid for the earthly body, and I know that today Loren is walking that golden Heavenly pathway, telling his Tall Texas Tales with Buck once again at his side.

My prayers and condolences goes out to Loren's family and friends. I know the pain one suffers from the loss of a loved one, and I pray they will also find peace in knowing he suffers no more.

God Bless You Loren Moore and may all your fish be big ones and all your hunts be bountiful and all your stories be filled with laughter
This is not goodbye; but only so long; til we meet again one fine day.

Lisa Hilbers
Alba, Texas

Spread Your Wings and Fly With Angels




The Lord watches over and protects us,

as the storm clouds bring cold rain.

He has now called a dear friend home,

which to so many has caused Much pain.


The son he has called home now,

has entertained, and gave such a grin.

To the thousands, the whole world over,

he was our special entertaining friend.


We all will miss him,

and his funny stories too.

That he spent his time writing,

for folks like me and you.


Though I never met him,

or was privileged to shake his hand.

In my respect and memories,

you can bet he will always stand.


To the whole world over,

he brought such smiles and joy.

Some of the best stories were,

of the times he was just a boy.


Some folks were often burdened ,

with pain or serious doubt.

His writings blessed and cheered,

and helped to bring them out.


The lovely young lady that he loved so,

one day became his bride.

She loved him so, and was,

always by his side.


She went to Caddo, often,

purposely to serve his wish.

'Though sometimes she,

really did enjoy the fish.


We all will miss him,

we loved him dearly.

In my thoughts I feel,

I can see him clearly.


Up in glory with St Peter,

he'll be happy and get his wish.

I'm sure you remember Peter,

he will be a buddy he also loved to fish.


When needing something,

special to share with all.

I knew all it took was,

simply a brief phone call.


He never one time failed,

 to come right through.

He wrote a story of what ever,

was needed to share with you.


Loren, we will miss you fiercely,

we liked the way you ran your race.

We know that our Loving Father,

has for you now a better place.

by . . . Texas Bob . . 2/04/06




by Clara Wersterfer
When Loren Edward Moore arrived at the Pearly Gates on Feb 3, 2006, he was met by St. Peter holding a very large book.

"Who might you be?" asked St. Peter.
"Why, I am Loren Moore. Husband, father, grandfather and writer of tales." replied Loren.
St Peter leafed through the book he was holding. "Are you the person who has entertained multitudes of people, brought smiles and laughter to those who were sad and feeling down? Brought words of encouragement to others. Are you the man who loved to commune with nature, saw the beauty in all of God's creation and lived your life so that it was pleasing to God, family, and friends?"
Loren looked down at the cloud he was standing on, then looked at St Peter. "I never thought about all that. I just lived my life as someone who loved his fellow man and treated everyone with respect."
St Peter beckoned an Angel to come forth. "Please take Mr Moore to one of our finest mansions, and make sure he has paper and pen to write with.
He must have a "whole  nother story for a different time" to write."

Clara Wersterfer








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