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The answer is NO, that is CORRECT!

However make no mistake regarding this!

God will allow you to punish yourself!


You may say, the Bible says, God punished Sodom and Gomorrah. That is what it says. It was written by someone that may not have fully understood at that time. What happened was they chose to have their cities destroyed. God had warned them to turn from their wicked ways, however they chose destruction instead. They were given a choice. God also spoke to Lot, (paraphrased) Lot, the cities have decided they will choose destruction, rather than turn from their sinful ways. Take your family and leave the city, and be spared, but if you do, don't look back on the sin and destruction, just go. Lot did that, however his wife  reluctantly left and chose to look back. The penalty was, she became a pillar of salt, beside the path. It saddens God when we do things such as that, but he honors our choice.

There is a way to avoid punishment, you will find it later in this article.

When God created this wonderful universe, and this wonderful earth, which man has tried to destroy, he placed hundreds of natural laws here to make all things work perfectly. At the same time he placed the laws here, he also placed a penalty for not obeying these laws

So many people are not aware of many of these laws, due to not being observant of our world, and God's word. A few of the laws some are aware of, but all are just as important. These laws have been since the foundation of the earth. I will list here only a few of the natural laws.

God's law of choice

God has given man (and women) the right of choice in everything in our existence. We have been taught for years, we have a choice as to whether or not we serve God. That is correct, however it doesn't stop there. we have a choice in all matters. Therefore, if we choose to pay the penalty rather than to obey the law placed here, he will not stop us. God wants us to have the desires of our heart. If we desire to pay the penalty rather than obey the law, it saddens him, but he will see that we get our desire.

God will never tell us we have to do anything. He will ask us to do things, and he is proud when we do it. He doesn't ask us about our ability. He simply asks us about our availability. If we offer the availability, he will supply the necessary ability.

Moses did not have the ability to part the Red Sea, but he was available, and responded to God's request, and the sea parted, and dried, so people walked on dry ground.

Law of reproduction.

Every reproducing thing can reproduce only after it's own kind. Animals cannot give birth to fish, humans, fowls of the air, plants, or any other living organism. If you plant corn, you will not reap tomatoes. You will reap only exactly what you sow. If you sow kindness and compassion, you shall reap the same in return. If you sow anger, hate, intolerance, discontent, disobedience, fear and destruction, you had better look forward to reaping the same.

Likewise, your mind is like a garden, it will produce what you plant there, nurture, and dwell on. If you only allow good clean positive thoughts to remain there, that is what you will experience in your life. You might say, thoughts just come into my mind. That is true, however we have the right and ability to push them out. We have a choice. When a negative thought comes in, simply push it out with something pleasant, and dwell on the pleasant thoughts. This is what you use to out smart satan (never a capital). satan can not harm you, all he can do is plant a thought in your mind. You have a God given choice to reject it or act on it.  If you choose to act on it, you have chosen the punishment that goes with it.

If your conscience is bothering you, and you think God is punishing you for not doing right, go look in a mirror, tell the reflection to straighten up, ask forgiveness, repent and enjoy life.

Use it or lose it.

You have been given certain qualities, to use for yourself and also at times for the benefit of others. You are given the ability to use, nourish, share with others the gifts god has given you. Some are given the ability to sing beautifully, but do not use the gift for the pleasure of others or to glorify God, so what happens, they soon lose it. Some have the ability to teach, only to stifle it. How often have you seen someone who can't walk due to not having used their legs, until the muscles have atrophied, and only using them will restore the ability to use them. You may ask, what good would your leg muscles do someone else? They could be used in many ways to assist your brother or sister, such as walk behind the neighbors plow horse, because he lost his leg in an unfortunate situation. ( Note, I did not say accident, because there is no such thing as an  accident. All things happen for a reason.)

That "Big Bang Theory" is pure rubbish. 

The law of inertia.

Once a solid mass has defied gravity and started a relocation due to some outward force, it will continue without assistance from the outward force, until the law of gravity again shall bring it to a halt

The law Gravity. 

I'm sure all reading this are aware of this law, and have time and again experienced the affect of it. I use it as an example, because everyone is aware of it.

If we choose to defy the law of gravity, it is our prerogative. We can go to the top of a multistory building, say 10 stories. We go out onto the roof, call out to God saying, God these crazy people you made are telling me you put a silly law they call gravity. I know you are a kind loving God, and will let nothing happen to me. Now God I'm going to step off this ledge and show them you will protect me.

God says, ok if that is what you would like to do. Stepping off here will not harm you, the fall will be no problem to you, however honey, when you get to the side walk, there will be a penalty to pay. He will not tell you, you can't do it, or not to do it. That is the same with all of God's laws, we have a choice.

We have to think, observe, listen, look at all angles. so many people tend to hear things only the way they want to hear them, regardless of what is being said. And likewise, see things only as they wish to see them, regardless of what is there.

This brings to mind a little story I received by e-mail. A lady was gathering flowers for a table center piece, and was stuck by a thorn on a rose bush. She exclaimed what a mistake God made when he put such nasty thorns on a beautiful flower bush. Her very young daughter said, mommy it looks to me like God put a beautiful flower on top of that old nasty bush.

If you are not aware of God's natural laws, I strongly recommend you open your Bible, and do some serious studying. It will pay off.

Paying the Penalty

God is a just and forgiving God, he is not as some tend to want us to think he is. Some would have us think God is some kind of a great big Ogre, sitting in heaven with a bucket of lightning bolts, just waiting for us to make a mistake, so he can zap us.

That is not the God I strive to serve. My God is extremely loving, kind, gentle and forgiving. He will forgive you for your mistakes and or transgressions. It is very simple to be granted full pardon for all laws broken, whether it be intentionally or through ignorance of the law, or simply making a mistake.

Seeking forgiveness is really quite simple. It requires a two part action on your part. Simply ask to be forgiven and repent of your sins, or transgressions. Repenting is not asking forgiveness. Repenting means do not do it again.

Sure, if you do the same thing again, God is just to forgive again, however we have no lease on life. Every breath we take may be the last, we have no guarantee of another, so we must be careful to do what is right, there may not be time to ask forgiveness. Some penalties will be paid before death. All not forgiven will be paid after death. Forgiveness is free, take advantage of it now, before it is too late.

God also still answers knee-mails, but please do not attempt tell him how and when to do so.



         Light,  Texas Bob               3/17/2003

It is highly unusual for me to write and post something of this nature. When I started, I wasn't sure of what would be written. I only knew I had to start, and it would be completed, I would be led to use what was needed. Someone some where needs this message. Quite possibly it is not for anyone that you or I even know. However I can only plant a seed or two by doing as asked to do. As bad as I hate to admit it, I was supposed to have done this three days ago. I didn't know what to write, now I realize I didn't need to know. (still don't know who it's for)

Dear Lord, bless each and everyone who reads this page.






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